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Consultation Services

Customs procedures, authorisations and guidance notices are many. Complexity and confusion has been added now that the UK is not in the EU. With so much to consider why not utilise our experience and knowledge, as a dedicated Customs Agent, to add value to your operations. We work with you to take any excess hassle away.

Let us know your situation, we'll review and contact you to book in a consultation slot. *Fees apply. 


Specific Areas of expertise

Although we can assist with almost any customs scenario we do have some of the most common customs procedures summarised on the website. 

Either navigate to them by clicking on the procedures listed below or find them from the drop down menu on the navigation bar. 

Personal Effects-Transfer of Residency / Temporary Storage / Inward Processing / Customs Warehousing / Yacht Specific Guidance

Applying for a HMRC Authorisation? 

Applying for Custom authorisations such as Inward Processing, Customs Warehousing or Temporary Admission can be difficult. You may need us to come up with a plan to adapt your procedures to qualify.  Or you may simply need us to advise you how best to answer their questions. 


We have the experience to guide you through, just request to book a consultation slot in with us. 


Freight requirements?

Whilst our main focus is to provide Customs Services we do also offer freight booking services for all your international needs.

Air, Road and Sea services for cargo of all shapes and sizes are available.


Please contact us on the form below to request rates and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Customs Consultations made simple

With the many different scenarios and options available, customs can be a minefield. We understand that Customs may not be your area of expertise so why not utilise or experience as a Customs Agent? 


The process is simple:

1.         Let us know what you need to know and what you'd like our help with

2.      We'll review it and send over our booking details

3.      Once a consultation time is agreed we'll contact you to advise


Happy to help whatever the requirement

At Cartwright CS LTD we are happy to help with any customs query. 

Want an eBTI submitted or help with general commodity classification? Need help to resolve an outstanding customs issue or with a possible HMRC Audit?

Contact us and we'll do everything we can to assist you.

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