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Personal Effects

Moving personal effects has it challenges and the customs side of it is no exception.
Fortunately we have the knowledge to help you through. We work with a number of relocation companies and we are proud to be an Associate Member for The British Association of Removers


Personal Effects 

Moving to the UK because your getting married? Transferring your Residence to the UK? Coming to the UK as a student? Or are you bringing effects back that were once exported from the UK? 


The way we declare the import of personal goods and household effects differs depending on the scenario. There are options to get relief from VAT or Duty upon import. Some temporary and others permanent. 


We have extensive experience working with relocation companies and so have been exposed to most scenarios. Some Customs Agents don't want to deal with Personal effects but for us it really isn't a problem.

Relief Summary

Transfer of Residency (ToR) - If you have been outside of the UK for a consecutive period of 12 months and are now moving to the UK (whether a UK national or not) then you could get full relief from Duty or VAT. Goods must be owned for longer than a 6 month period. An online application with submission of supporting documentation is required. 


Student Relief - If you are coming to the UK as a student then this is the correct relief for you. Provide evidence of place of enrolment and we will submit a declaration on your behalf.


Marriage Relief -  Relief can be claimed for gifts, up to £900 per individual item, or on your own personal effects. Goods can be imported prior to marriage, or afterwards, but depending on the scenario could mean VAT and Duty is paid on deposit and later claimed back when evidence is given to HMRC.


Returned Goods Relief - If you are returning to the UK and the goods are the same as were exported (or moved to the EU prior to Brexit) then with supporting evidence relief from payment of import VAT and Duty is available.  


Who do we work for?

Whether you are a private individual who are looking to contract your own Customs Agent to clear your goods; or if you are a relocation, shipping or haulage company looking for an experienced Customs Agent then please contact us without delay. 

We can offer whatever level of input you require - we'll submit customs declarations on you or your clients behalf, assist with relief applications where required or perhaps you simply want us on the end of the phone or email for guidance and support when needed. 

Personal Effects Guidance Link

Full customs guidance can be found here on the HMRC website

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