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T1 - Transit Movements

We have our own guarantee so we can raise T1 forms for movement of goods, not in free circulation, throughout the UK.

They are also required for the movement of UK goods travelling into the EU if not customs cleared upon entry.


Moving goods to an ETSF?

If you are not clearing goods upon arrival into the UK then it is possible you will be moving them to an External Temporary Storage Facility (ESTF). Goods can be moved under a simplified procedure, if on the same port system, or they can be moved under transit procedures (T1). Let us know where the goods are and where they need to be and we'll find a solution for you. 

Sending goods to the EU?

Unless goods are going to be cleared through customs upon arrival into the EU then goods must travel under a Transit Procedure. The most commonly used is a T1. It is important that they are handled properly at both origin and destination. A guarantee is lodged with Customs to cover VAT/DUTY liability to allow the movement. Contact us to discuss raising one for you.


Thinking about getting your own guarantee?

If you frequently move goods into the EU under Transit procedures then you may want to consider applying for your own guarantee to cover the movements. 



Guarantees covering transit movements are in high demand so having your own gives you more control over your business.  You can then authorise us to submit and issue T1's on your behalf.

If you want assistance with your guarantee application or don't now where to start then we are happy to assist you

Don't know where to start?

Sometimes it's just tough to know where to start. At times it may seem discouraging but whether you want advice or simply a T1 raised then we can help.


We understand the frustrations involved and will guide you through. 

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