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Yacht Specific Guidance

Importing or Exporting a privately owned yacht? Different options are available depending on your situation. Give us an overview of your situation and request a consultation.


UK owned yachts - Non VAT paid

If your yacht is UK VAT paid then your situation is straight forward. If it is not and you want to import it in to UK free circulation then you will need to pay import VAT upon arrival. 

Temporary Admission will be unavailable to you but there are other options if you wish to import it just to store if for the winter or for repairs to be made. 

Contact us and let us know your situation and we'll be in contact with your next steps.

Non-UK owned yachts

If you are looking to come to the UK and use your yacht here then Temporary Admission is the customs procedure to follow. 

However, there are limits to the procedure as you are not allowed to sell the yacht, or import the yacht under purposes of repair or additional processing. 

Inward Processing or Customs Warehousing could be the options to suit you. 

We can provide customs guidance to fit your requirements so feel free to contact us now.

What has Brexit meant for your yacht and its VAT Status?

Brexit has caused much confusion about VAT status due to location at the time of 23:00 on the 31st of December when the UKs exit from the EU came in to force.

Your customs options will depend on location, ownership and proof of movements prior to the UK's exit from the EU.

Returned Goods Relief could be an option to bring your yacht back to the UK without paying import VAT. 

If you are unsure of the ramifications of Brexit on your yacht then please book a consultation to discuss it further. We have clients within the yacht market and act as a Customs Agent for some specialist yacht movers so are in a great position to help you. 

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